There are several books that make an appearance in the Covert Front series. This page lists all of them.

Autobiography (Newton) Edit


The Autobiography of Isaac Newton is written by Max Planck in the Covert Front Universe and appears in Covert Front 3 in the library. It seems that a missing agent that Kara was trying to find put a photo in it for Kara to discover. Max Planck wrote in the Covert Front Universe a Autobiography of Newton. In our universe he wrote several books.

Isaac Newton has most likely been a notable scientist for some time, as a biography was written about him by Max Planck in 1878, while he was still alive. How that is possible remains unknown since he died in our universe in 1726/27. On May 3rd, 1886, he organized an informal conference in Zurich's Zurich Hauptbibliothek, that gathered scientist from all over the world. The conference was so secretive, that the press got almost no information on its goals. Karl von Toten was also there. If this has links to Knowledge for Victory is likely but it remains unknown.

Autobiography (Mata Hari) Edit

Mata Hari Biobliography

The Autobiography of Mata Hari showed in Covert Front 3. The book was located in Hotel Altstadt in Room 13. Since it is in the series 1904, it is odd that it is there. It probably has to do with the fact that, Mata Hari was a secret agent as well and a planted Easter Egg by Konwerski.

Trans-Atlantyk Edit

Trans Atlantic

Trans-Atlantyk is a book that appears twice, as separate prints. It appeared in Covert Front 1 in the bedroom in the attic and appears in a separate room in the the Zurich Library. Trans-Atlantyk is written by Witold Gombrowicz and it is a Polish novel, originally published in 1953. The semi-autobiographical plot of the novel closely tracks Gombrowicz's own experience in the years during and just after the outbreak of World War II.

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