Brian Wohlgemuth‏‎ makes the Soundtrack, Sound, and FX for the Covert Front Series. Not much is known about him. He also worked on other old Pastel Games as the Sound FX guy.

Connection with Mateusz Edit

When the Pastel Forum Member asked about how Mateusz Skutnik got in contact with him he said the following;''He contacted me.''

Known Sound FX Works Edit

Later forum members discovered that in the other series by Mateusz, where Brian Wohlgemuth also did Sound FX, that Kara, being voice acted by Ute Simon was sped up in Daymare Town has said some lines too. The Dragon and Egghead in DMT1 both make a deep holing sound, which is sped up Kara saying ouch.

Known Source For Music Edit

Brian has provided tracks for the Covert Front Series, one is an edited version of G.F.Telemann - Fantasia no.3 in F Minor used in the Safehouse in Covert Front 3 and other places in Covert Front 4

Bruch Violin Concerto used in Covert Front 1 as in the house music and later a newly revised version was made for Covert Front 4.

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