Campo de Santa Clara, Lisbon. 32 is the green building on the right.

Campo de Santa Clara 32 is a building in the Covert Front Series. It is known to be von Toten his study. But he also has another one a few streets further. It is also the place were the Imagination Realisator or one of them is based. Kara visited the building and found there out were von Toten is located. She also is able to make stuff from thin air with the machine.

Architecture[edit | edit source]

It is a Modern German looking building from the outside. It is painted light green which gives it a nice Portuguese German crossover like the buildings in the German Chinese treaty port for China in our universe. The roof tiles are orange like they are all in town. The front door is almost the same as Karl Von Toten his house which has most likely something to do with the Imagination Realisator which when Kara touches to ring a bell she burns her hand. It is an ordinary building. The wallpaper is light yellow with the same pattern. The hallway has on the left and right small cabinets. You can open two, one contains a door handle. There are 3 rooms. One of the rooms is almost the same as in Covert Front 1. It has a screw on the floor. It is clear that it had a machine in it. But it was removed. Which is the same what happened in Karl Von Toten's Mansion. The other room is a study room. Which seems to be a room in a Void, like in PNCE. You also have an attic that is full of chairs and has access to the rooftops where Kara looks out on the town and sees the Toten Hideout.

Karl von Toten his Study Room[edit | edit source]

The Imagination Realizator Itself.png

When Kara enters the house she ends up in a concrete room floating in space, only after creating a illusion of Toten is she capable of escaping.

It contains the Imagination Realisator. One of the most important machines in the Covert Front Universe. It creates matter out of nothing and helped Kara escape.

  • armchair
  • barometer
  • carpet
  • chair
  • door
  • helium
  • key
  • lamp
  • painting
  • picture
  • statue
  • toten (An Illusion of Professor Karl von Toten himself)
  • window
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