Covert Front 5 is an April fools joke of blog members and a cancelled project

Patreon milestone Edit

When Skutnik's Patreon was created it has many milestones to it, one of these was the creation of Covert Front 5, this was later removed from the platform and in the 2016 recap he stated he wouldn't make the game.

Mateusz Skutnik 2016 Recap Edit

Mateusz Skutnik stated: ''Uhm… No comment! I plead the fifth! This is the only LOL NOPE this year. Which is a good win/loose percentage in my opinion. But as you can see above this project was a bit shaky from the beginning. It was a Patreon goal, but since then total pledges sum fell under that goal once again and that’s when this game kind of went to the not-happening state. The future of this game remains shaky. Will it make my 2017 to-do list? No.''

April Fools! Edit

Quote from the Blog:

As most of you probably know, everything what happened here yesterday was April Fools' day. It was kinda sophisticated troll, I remember that I got that idea after Christmas.

Maybe you have a questions? Where I get screen of Covert Front 5? Answer is Inirdin. It looks almost like it's drawn by Mateusz. So, now there's a question, who played Mateusz? Answer is KateSub. And what about the email sent by It was a welcome mail rewritten by javascript command * trollface *.

I hope nobody is offended by this joke. That you won't stop visting the blog. After all, who didn't fool yesterday? Google made a joke about application seeking smell, YouTube announced a senseless competition, barrel rolled it's login window, Mojang introduced Minecraft 2.0 etc.

By the way I have prepared April Fools' for next year already. But no more leaked screens, new games or deleted blog. It was here so many times, so it hasn't sense anymore.

See you next year, ADIOS.

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