Kara talking to Von Toten.

Dialogues is a written or spoken conversational exchange between two or more people, and a literary and theatrical form that depicts such an exchange. As a narrative, philosophical or didactic device, it is chiefly associated in the West with the Socratic dialogue as developed by Plato, but antecedents are also found in other traditions including Indian literature. In the Covert Front series, some characters have dialogues. Mostly, Kara, Von Toten and Manfred. MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING.

Trapped Dialogue, Kara and Manfred Covert Front 3 Edit

So you finally decided to talk to me. - Manfred

What choice do I have? - Kara

Kara do you know who I am. - Manfred

You are von Toten his butler. - Kara

True... Apart that I am chief of the Kaiser Intelligence Service. Well Kara, you let us this far. For that I am grateful. But there is a small problem though. They are already gone. Do you know where this organization is keeping Von Toten? - Manfred

Nope. - Kara

That is what I thought. He is in Lisbon. That is what I can tell you. Since you are not leaving this place anytime soon. One thing astounds me. You still do not have the slightest idea what you are dealing with here. Von Toten's discovery is more than just a weapon. It is the key to rule the world. And I will get it no matter what. - Manfred

You as Germany or you as Manfred Nikolai? - Kara

... - Manfred

Hologram Dialogue, Fake Toten and Kara Covert Front 4 Edit

Hello, Kara. - Toten

Are you?... - Kara

Yes I am Karl von Toten. You finally found me agent. - Toten

How do you know me? - Kara

I know everything you know, and nothing else. - Toten

I do not understand. - Kara

Do you know what this machine is, and what is so special about it? - Toten

It brings our thoughts to reality It creates out of nothing. - Kara

True. But can you create a functional human being? - Toten

Of course not... That means you are not... - Kara

Real? Of course not. Go on and find me Kara. - Toten

Finding Toten Dialogue, Toten, Kara and Manfred Covert Front 4 Edit

Professor von Toten... - Kara

Who... How did you get it?? - Toten

Stay calm professor, keep your hands where I can see them - Kara

What is this about? - Toten

I just hope you are real this time. - Kara

This time? What are you talking about? Who are you? - Toten

MI6, at your service. I have been looking you for so long... - Kara

And now you found me.. It is all over. - Toten

I stumbled upon your machine, professor. - Kara

Did you use it? - Toten

Yes, I know what I can do. - Kara

So now you understand. You know why I had to disappear. - Toten

Yes, I understand everything now. - Kara

This machine cannot fall into military hands. On either side. - Toten

Well, worry about that later. Right now we have a bigger problem. - Kara

What - Toten

Your German friends are closing in. They are combing the city as we speak. - Kara

No we can not let them!... - Toten

You cannot let them what, professor?... - Manfred

Manfred? You, of all people? - Kara

This building is surrounded. You have nowhere to go. Just surrender, both of you. - Manfred

Kara kills Manfred Nicolai. - Action

Professor, we need to move. Right now. - Kara

Yes... this way. - Toten

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