Hotel Altstadt exterior.


A typical room in Hotel Altstadt.

The Hotel Altstadt is a small hotel in Zurich, (Switzerland) located at Thyrmand Strasse 6. It has been inspired by a real building, that is on the Source Images of Canon Artwork page.


In some earlier point, the area left between Room 12 and Room 14 was turned into a secret base for the Intelligence Agency General Headquarters.

Agent Kara visited the hotel and asked for Room 13, but was told by the receptionist that such a room does not exist in the hotel or any other hotel in Zurich for that matter. The receptionist recommended rooms 12 and 14, which were both available and Kara booked the room 14.

She found a peculiar set of numbers between the bible and decided to dial them into the telephone. This opened a secret door to room 13. In there Kara received instructions to search Zurich Hauptbibliothek.


Hotel Altstadt's has a restaurant, which is open from 8 o'clock in the morning to 11 o'clock in the evening. The hotel itself seems to be open around the clock. The hotel charges ten Franks for a room. Changing a room is free if there are open rooms. The hotel lounge is decorated with striped beige wallpaper and some flowers. Rooms all have a sink and a soap for washing, plus a mirror to check your appearances. Bed, telephone, and a bible are also a standard.


  • The secret room 13 is possibly inspired by an M.R. James novel.


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