The Imagination Realisator is the machine created by Professor Karl Von Toten to create new weapons using no material just imagination. It creates out of nothing. Manfred Nikolai says to Kara that Germany or he can dominate the world with this machine. It was used to create The Flying Wing, and its function has a r

elation with the gas Helium as proven by the notes in Covert Front 2.

Study Room in the story Edit

In The Spark of Life, Kara goes to a house in Lisbon with a lead connected to the airfield. It appears in a room that seemingly has no doors, with the Imagination realisator missing a T being the only machinery in the room. Kara uses the Imagination Realisator to create a door, in addition to many objects Kara can create such as a key to unlock the door which leads to a void. After finding the missing "T" is able to and creates a hologram of Karl Von Toten.

It is also revealed in The Spark of Life that the unknown object from the first game is indeed Helium if Kara types it into the Imagination Realisator. Which wasn't confirmed before that.

Side effects Edit

Karas Hand

Kara looking at her hand

Other than Kara realizing you cannot create a function able human being with the machine, there are other effects.

Such as Kara getting pain in her hand when she interacts with the Campo de Santa Clara building in Lisbon causing her to have two cuts in the palm of her hand.

Lisbon Skyline With Hideout Reupload

The Toten Hideout in the distance.

But the most strangest one is that it seems to make the universe unstable. When Kara finds another generated building in the other side of Lisbon, it is in an unable state. Which is noticed by a machine like noise and white flickering and TV textures.

List of things the player can create: Edit

  • armchair
  • barometer
  • carpet
  • chair
  • door
  • helium
  • key
  • lamp
  • painting
  • picture
  • statue
  • toten (A Projection of Professor Karl von Toten himself)
  • window


The hologram of Von Toten sits on a red armchair which is similar to the ones seen in Submachine 2, another game by Mateusz Skutnik.

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