Manfred Nikolai is a mysterious person in the Covert Front Series. He was Karl von Toten's butler and chief of Kaiser's Intelligence Services.

His archetype in our reality is the last Kaiser of the German empire Frederick William Victor Albert of Prussia (Wilhelm II of Germany) himself (1859 - 1941)


He was first mentioned when he acted as Karl von Toten's butler presumably spying him under KIS. Von Toten started suspecting him due to something on 3rd of July, however, Manfred was still working with him the next day.

Manfred and his troops caught Kara off guard in the Zurich Hauptbibliothek and captured her and put her into a jail cell. Manfred bragged to Kara with his schemes. Later Kara managed to escape the jail, and steal Manfred's plane.

Manfred followed Kara to Lisbon on a fleet of planes. After witnessing the damage Kara had caused to the German airfield, Manfred ordered the city to be guaranteed and the troops to search the streets.

Manfred successfully found the place where Kara had just found Karl von Toten, but foolishly confronted them alone and was brutally beaten with a crowbar, by Kara, which probably killed him.

Walter Nicolai Edit

Walter Nicolai was in real life the first senior IC (Intelligence) Officer in the Imperial German Army. He came to run the military secret service, he studied from 1901 to 1904 at the war academy in Berlin. Abteilung IIIb, and to be important in the pro-war faction of German leaders during World War I. He was supportive in the foundation of the Fatherland Party. He is probably the inspiration for Manfred.

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