Mateusz skutnik


Mateusz J. Skutnik


Matt, Mateusz, Mr Skutnik, Murtaugh, Mur, M


He has a wife, (Anna Jędrzejczak-Skutnik), and two daughters (Kalina)

Date of Birth

July 26th, 1977


Gdansk, Poland


Writer of Graphic Novels, graphic designer, programmer for the old company PastelGames. He currently works alone.

"no comment." ~Mateusz Skutnik

o_0" ~M. Skutnik after being compared to Jesus.

Mateusz Skutnik (also named Matt, Mateusz and Mur and Murtaugh by his fans after the in-game character of Submachine) is the artist and coder of the Covert Front Series, as well as many other notable series of games, including the Submachine, DayMare Town.

History Edit

Quote: "I’m an architect. I graduated from the Department of Architecture at the Technical University in Gdansk, Poland. Lately I went back to calling myself an architect, but in a completely different meaning than you could think of. I’m a flash games architect, I design game-play, structure, I write action script codes to make games work, and finally I design all the graphics I use in my games. My best known game so far is Submachine. Since 2005 this game became an internet phenomenon, gaining each year more devoted fans than anything I created before in my entire life. I’m constantly working on new episodes of this game series, but I also created another family of games, the Squirrel Family. Those are games targeted to younger audience, the design is bright sunny, happy, and cute. Game play usually consists of a simple story shown on one game screen. But there are also longer platform games.''


  • When discussed if Mateusz has a holiday in England, he answered that he is on holiday around the year. At the same time, he conveniently left it unknown whether he really had been in England or not.
  • Mateusz had an interview by Igor Hardy in end of June 2009.
  • Mur (Mateusz Skutnik's nickname) says that, when anyone asks him about a new game, a bunny will die.

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