Room 13

Room 13 is a secret room in the Hotel Altstadt, in Zurich. It is used by secret agents from the Intelligence Agency General Headquarters. There is a kind of communication equipment.


It seems the room was created by Intelligence Agency General Headquarters, taking advantage of the superstition of hotel builders. When the hotel was built the room 13 was left empty, but IAGH installed mechanisms to Room 14 for easy access to the room.

Previously there seems to have been someone living in this small bunker-like room. It is presumed it was Agent K-23-15-8.

Kara managed to enter the room during her visit to Hotel Altstadt. She received a new mission there and hurried off to the Zurich Hauptbibliothek.


The room can be accessed by phoning to a certain five digit telephone number from room 14 in Hotel Altstadt. This opens a secret door to the cupboard.

The room has a bed and a lamp as a light source. There are some clothes to change as well as some paper to write notes on.

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